Machiel Mayora

Machiel was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1976.

He worked in sales and sales management within well-known international information technology companies such as Dell Computers and Oracle and Leaseweb.

He has won several awards for his excellent account management skills and his number one focus; provide the best customer experience to his clients.

After a 4-month trip traveling around the world with his fiancée Maaike they realized they wanted to work and live abroad.

At that time the largest technology company in the world – Oracle - had just opened it’s doors in Sunny Malaga.

After working at Oracle for several years Machiel decided it was time for a career change.

Having great knowledge of the Malaga Coast and his excellent account management skills a role within real estate was a perfect match.

After working for several agencies on the coast, he decided to set up his own business and do things a bit differently for the better.

Together with his former colleague Luca he founded BuenaVista Homes early 2014.


Luca Colombo

Luca was born in 1981 in Milan, Italy.

He finished his university career in 2005, he has specialised in Architecture (5 years studies in Milan - Politecnico di Milano) and has a Master Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Luca is registered with the Professional Association of Architecture in Milan.

He has been working for two years in Italy to gain experience in two different architectural firms.

After leaving his home country in 2007 he has been working in several companies on different kind of architectural and urban planning projects in three different countries, Greece, Australia and New Zealand.

During his experience down-under he had the chance of experimenting and challenging a different branch of his architectural profession and he started developing skills and gained experience as a Property Value Estimator.

Back in Europe in 2011 he moved to Spain where he has been working in both Real Estate and Architecture in Marbella for three different companies.

In 2014 Luca and Machiel joined forces and founded BuenaVista Homes with the intention to combine real estate and architecture on the Costa del Sol, Spain.